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Catskiing in bakhmaro

High mountain cat skiing

Georgia Catski
Extreme long and snow-rich winter

The snow cover reaches up to 3 metres during the winter season, which lasts for about four months. Even the snow of Bakhmaro is unique – the friable and best snow to ski on will make you feel like none of the other European resorts!

Georgia Catski
Remote ski sites with beautiful views

In Bakhmaro, there are no ski lifts. The colourful wooden cottages scattered in a small area will make you feel as if you are travelling in a fairy tale. A snowcat or ski-doo is the only way to get in touch with civilization.

reach unique georgian mountains

This unique scenery lets you enjoy a magnificent view of the Black Sea shoreline in front as well as the beautiful peaks of the entire Caucasus mountain range, including Ushba, Elbrus, Shkhara, and Tetnuldi, Dikhtau, Constantau, Mkinvartsveri, Tebulo, and others. 

There is nothing artificial or man-made in this part of the world – Bakhmaro is only accessible by off-piste skiers, so you can experience the untouched landscapes.

Comfortable and safe lodging

Traditional cottages in Bakhmaro provide comfortable accommodation after all-day activities in the mountains.

You will spend unforgettable moments here, relaxing after extreme descents, admiring the beautiful mountain landscapes from your window.

The service of the entire trip is provided by professional and certified mountain guides and rescuers. They will ensure safety at every step during mountain descents

Georgia Catski
Georgia Catski
Georgia Catski